Low’s drive me crazy

Am I going crazy….or am I low. Today as I was taking my shower getting ready to get my new phone. (#teamiphone) I did something that was odd. I grabbed my cold cream to take off my makeup and all the sudden started rubbing it on to my hair… After about to two seconds,I realized that was for my face. NOT MY HAIR! I then checked my sugar and what do you know? I was low! I guess the good thing is that I am not crazy. The bad thing is that I hope my hair won’t be greasy looking. Now I am going to continue sipping on my juice box like a four year old! (=

Note to self: check your sugar before you shower.

cool cream


Making my way downtown

Woohoo! Today is the last day of August! Bring on the cooler weather, pumpkin picking, BOOTS, caramel apples, and more autumn fun!

This month is going to be a fun one. Lots of stuff going on. Check out what will be going on:

  • Birthday! (No better way to start the month)
  • Fresh Markets JDRF event. (Check your local Fresh Market and attend and donate!)
  • Planning brother’s and sister-in-law baby shower
  • Brothers and sister-in-law baby shower (=
  • JDRF walk

Can I get a “WHAT WHAT”! I am so excited for the fun to come!

Friday’s “splurge”= Chicken fried rice with extra veggies and a fortune cookie (plus a nice dose of INSULIN). My sister and I had a “date” night and watched Scary Movie 5. Wasn’t to bad but doesn’t beat Scary Movie 3.

For some reason I though this was to funny. (=


Friday, Friday, friday

Don’t worry I am not going to sing the song you could be thinking. I am here to talk about Friday splurges. Eating healthy is something that I am 24/6 committed to. Fridays are my “eat what ever you want for dinner” day. For instance, last Friday I got the classic salad from Panera and a huge chocolate chipper cookie<— (all I wanted was the cookie but got some greens to get in some veg). Boy was that cookie good too!  I do this to keep me grounded to eating healthy for the rest of the week. When I want to eat a Milky Way candy bar, I just tell myself if your still craving it just remember it can be your big treat for Friday. Honestly, I do also have a little desert with my lunch. It will be a small cookie or a little packet of yogurt raisins. I just find that if I do these “treats” I don’t get deprived. Now you ask, what will I be having today…? I have no idea yet, but soon will find out. If you are going out to dinner and are planning to have your Friday treat there. Check out calorieking.com. It is my go-to for when I need to find restaurants nutrition labels. Always remember to take insulin too! ( ;


This may be a little to much ice cream…

Not the beeeeeep

As I was sleeping my mother woke me up saying my pump was beeping. Once I heard the oh so familiar high pitch beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep . I knew what was wrong. I did NOT want to change my pod at all. I begin to get frustrated. This month I have had a few pods do this to me. This is when I wish my pancreas would produce insulin again. Please Pancreas! Please with chocolate syrup , whip cream, and a cherry on top! I then took action and removed my pod placing a new one on my left side waist. Even with discarding my pod, it still was beeping… Now what do I do? I take it and throw it as hard as I can at the garage floor! This sounds violent but trust me if you heard the non-stopping beep, you would do it too. On the bright side I went to Earth Fare last night and got myself some goodies to enjoy today and tomorrow. (= Check out the impulse shopping I did.


Justin case is my name

After hour on hours of studying, I decided to do a two mile run. I checked my blood sugar and leashed up my partner in crime. I was 118(PERFECT).  For me it is very important to pack all diabetic supplies when exercising. Just in case, you never know…

My main staples I take and put in my over the shoulder purse:

  • PDM along with pricker and test strips
  • glucose tablets
  • a small icing tube
  • LARA bar ( yummy)
  • cell phone ( always have ICE=in case of emergency on a parents contact)
  • Diabetic bracelet ( wore on my wrist of course)

Once I was back I checked my sugar (111)<—favorite blood sugar to be! I had some water to replenish and ate a protein bar. Now lets see how my sugar is for the next hours. Thanks to my CGM!

P.S. It is HOTTTTT outside!2013-08-29_19.43.49

Brain Fuel anyone?


Now that the school year is rolling, breakfast is something that most ignore. In my own experience I know that I feel so much better when I eat breakfast. Lately my fall back breakfast has been quinoa “oatmeal”. I spotted them last weekend when I was in Trader Joes. It is a frozen so instead of using instant grains, it is wholesome. I love that it is lightly sweetened with maple syrup and brown sugar (just 9 grams of sugar per serving) and has protein power from the quinoa. It cooks within 3 minutes in the microwave making it a fast, healthy breakfast. BRAIN FUEL!DSCF2390

I also added a few strawberries, walnuts, and cinnamon Yum! Next time I am definitely adding peanut butter!