Friday, Friday, friday

Don’t worry I am not going to sing the song you could be thinking. I am here to talk about Friday splurges. Eating healthy is something that I am 24/6 committed to. Fridays are my “eat what ever you want for dinner” day. For instance, last Friday I got the classic salad from Panera and a huge chocolate chipper cookie<— (all I wanted was the cookie but got some greens to get in some veg). Boy was that cookie good too!  I do this to keep me grounded to eating healthy for the rest of the week. When I want to eat a Milky Way candy bar, I just tell myself if your still craving it just remember it can be your big treat for Friday. Honestly, I do also have a little desert with my lunch. It will be a small cookie or a little packet of yogurt raisins. I just find that if I do these “treats” I don’t get deprived. Now you ask, what will I be having today…? I have no idea yet, but soon will find out. If you are going out to dinner and are planning to have your Friday treat there. Check out It is my go-to for when I need to find restaurants nutrition labels. Always remember to take insulin too! ( ;


This may be a little to much ice cream…


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