Justin case is my name

After hour on hours of studying, I decided to do a two mile run. I checked my blood sugar and leashed up my partner in crime. I was 118(PERFECT).  For me it is very important to pack all diabetic supplies when exercising. Just in case, you never know…

My main staples I take and put in my over the shoulder purse:

  • PDM along with pricker and test strips
  • glucose tablets
  • a small icing tube
  • LARA bar ( yummy)
  • cell phone ( always have ICE=in case of emergency on a parents contact)
  • Diabetic bracelet ( wore on my wrist of course)

Once I was back I checked my sugar (111)<—favorite blood sugar to be! I had some water to replenish and ate a protein bar. Now lets see how my sugar is for the next hours. Thanks to my CGM!

P.S. It is HOTTTTT outside!2013-08-29_19.43.49


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