Not the beeeeeep

As I was sleeping my mother woke me up saying my pump was beeping. Once I heard the oh so familiar high pitch beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep . I knew what was wrong. I did NOT want to change my pod at all. I begin to get frustrated. This month I have had a few pods do this to me. This is when I wish my pancreas would produce insulin again. Please Pancreas! Please with chocolate syrup , whip cream, and a cherry on top! I then took action and removed my pod placing a new one on my left side waist. Even with discarding my pod, it still was beeping… Now what do I do? I take it and throw it as hard as I can at the garage floor! This sounds violent but trust me if you heard the non-stopping beep, you would do it too. On the bright side I went to Earth Fare last night and got myself some goodies to enjoy today and tomorrow. (= Check out the impulse shopping I did.



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