My weekend was a very interesting weekend.

Saturday morning was started by getting a very, very yummy chocolate croissant, a green tea, and a dose of insulin! Yummmmm!


Then off to the book store we went!

And of course I couldn’t forget out farmers market basket!


Sweet potatoes, tomatoes, big head of cabbage, butternut squash, apples, bell peppers,and these little greenish pumpkins that we have no idea what they are….

We also got some ice tea at the  farmers market that it is probably the best tea in the world. It is flavored mango coconut. Although, it is sweetened, I just would take insulin for it. What I love the most about is that the sweetness isn’t over powering. It is very light and tasty! We got two 32 ounces.


We also helped out a little mouse that his back legs were not working. He died yesterday which we are sure from internal bleeding. We named him Goober. He was a cutie!


The rest of my weekend was enjoyable and very relaxing. Now on to another busy week!

week 4 goal: To keep up with yoga!

Doing yoga everyday is a bit hard, so I decided to start doing it more on days I have off from running. I am still waking up a lot earlier then I used too! It has helped me get more done in a day!

Keep checking your sugar and taking that insulin!


Gotta Read About Diabetes

Having a disease that is chronic can be hard. Luckily, we have the internet and books that we can use for help. I definitely think that reading about your disease is extremely important. It helps you get in depth of what your disease is and ways to make it easier. Once I was diagnosed, my mother would order books from Amazon about diabetes. Now that I am older and I am the one to take care of my disease, I have read them also!

Here are some of the books I have read about diabetes.


Getting a Grip on Diabetes was a perfect book to read for when diagnosed. The tips definitely helped me and were all about activities of being a kid and teenager with diabetes. They talk about school, sports, sleep overs, lows, highs, shots, and pumps! I promise you it is a fun book to read and it does help when you are feeling alone! This was also the very first book I read about diabetes! Pre-teens could even read this book to help understand diabetes.


My mother got me, Islands and Insulin over a year ago. She has even read it! Now, I am reading it at this very moment. I am just in the very  middle of it, but so far it is very catchy! I find it motivating and helpful. She is taking on a new adventure on a trip of sailing the keys, all by herself! Well of course, diabetes is there right with her too. I can’t wait to finish and see what happens on her sailing trip and how she handles diabetes on her own.


Think Like a Pancreas! I can’t find this book, but we have it! My mother and I have both read this book. This is more for a teenager or older diabetics to read. I found this book very, very helpful! He addresses every situation of being on shots or a pump! <—Which I loved how he did that! I seriously recommend every diabetic or parent of a diabetic to read this. I also know lots of other diabetics who have read this and say how helpful it is!

There is also a million other diabetes books out there. These three book have been the ones that I have read and liked. If you have any other suggestions of books I or others should check out, please leave a comment or email me! ( pumping4life81@yahoo.com)

Happy Reading!

Keep Calm and Carry A Meter!

Yesterday it was one of those typical diabetes days. My sugar was 77, 195 ,120, 40, 163, and251 through out the whole day.What in the world was going on! How does a weekend of eating cup cakes and other junk, keep me with perfect blood sugars. Then yesterdays no junk food ,what so ever, keeps my blood sugars up down, up down! Why body, WHY? The only answer I can come up with is that diabetes is unpredictable! Yes, diabetes, I am talking zbout you!

With the frustration that yesterday brought me…  The lesson I learned from some crazy blood sugars is to be patient and to know that one day of bipolar blood sugars isn’t the worst thing to happen. It is okay to have a 200 blood sugar. As long as you know your taking  insulin and treat it right, that is all that matters. Don’t beat up yourself! Not everyone is perfect and that includes in blood sugars. Your going to have some highs and lows. That is the diabetes life!

There is always tomorrow and if it remains crazy…call your doctor! They might be able to help.


Week 3 Of Mini Goals

As I went to Hallie’s blog to check out her destination me, week 3 post. I was remembered to start my third mini goal as well! You can check out her goal this week by clicking the Hallie link. Last week, I had a set back with my goal. I was chewing more then I could handle. I then decided to drop the yoga and work on getting myself up early. I accomplished it! Actually, I have even accomplished more! I have been getting up a whole hour earlier. It makes me feel more productive, which I love! Now I had a mission to find a beginners yoga dvd. I decided to go to Target, in search of one. I found one! Now my goal is to wake up and go straight to my yoga mat and PRACTICE! Of course, I really will first check my blood sugar right when I get up…Winking smile 

Now will I like yoga? I have no idea! But, that is what trying new things are for. To see what you like and what you don’t like!

Sure, these mini goals don’t really have anything to do with diabetes. That is okay! I have diabetes. It does not have me!


Happy Hump Day!


I Love

I love my family!

I love parties!

I loved this past weekend!

Thursday my grandparents came to spend a long weekend with us and for my sister-in-laws baby shower. They helped out getting ready and the shower was amazing! We played games, ate great food, and talked our mouths off. Now that it is over, I am excited for my niece to be here in just three months!

Friday was filled with baking cupcakes and making pasta salads. The mother to be had one demand on having strawberry cupcakes with coconut icing. We made them and she loved them! SCORE! We also had spice cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese icing, pesto and pea pasta salad, pepperoni salad,sliced wraps, spinach dip, veggies with hummus, and the most amazing oatmeal cookies! We made everything besides the wraps and oatmeal cookies. It all turned out phenomenal. With all the food, my blood sugar remained surprisingly perfecto!

mommy and baby cupcakesmost amazing foodcorn holetalking

opening presentspuppy love

family photo studying hard


The rest of the weekend was spent with a gorgeous charity house showing event and some antique shopping!

IMG_0401IMG_0447IMG_0460  photo

It was a lovely weekend! Lots of dosing! Lots of sugar checking!Lots of fun!

I also saw this the other day from a friend. 25 most awkward times for a diabetic. Check it out!

It’s A Gusher!

Yesterday, around five, I heard that familiar 4 beeps from my pdm. As I heard the beeps, I couldn’t believe it had been three days already with the pod I had on. Time flies! I stopped everything I was doing, I went to the kitchen and deactivated the pod. As I ripped it off, I felt something wet. I wiped it off of my lower left back, I saw blood gushing out and dripping all over me. I ran to get a paper towel and wiped it all off of me. This wasn’t a normal thing, yet I have had this happen a couple of times before. I guess you could say, it happens once every blue moon type of thing. It is insane how the tiny cannula, hitting a blood vessel, makes you bleed that much! I guess this goes under my #diabeteslife list.

IMG_8540 IMG_6581 IMG_5399

Looks painful. Feels non-painful. Diabetes= I am not scared of blood one bit!

New pod on. Life goes on.

The Scary Afternoon

Something scary happened yesterday.

Around lunch I was 61, so I didn’t take any insulin for my lunch. It was a 40 carb meal. By the afternoon when I checked , I was 163. I always hate when my blood sugar is over 150 and I hate taking extra insulin to cover a high blood sugar, What do I do then? I did my afternoon exercise to lower my sugar instead of taking extra insulin! After I was nice and sweaty, I came inside to get some water. As I walk over to the kitchen I soon feel light headed like I could’ve passed out. My vision was even going weird. I quickly grabbed a juice box, my pdm, test strips, and finger pricker. I opened the juice box faster then my dog running after a ball (which is amazingly fast) and chugged it down! I checked my sugar and dananana…. I was 44! Yikes!


This is when I know it is time to say hello to my old friend. Meet Mr. Cgm.

I love my cgm and hate it at the same time. I love how it helps me keep my sugars in check , but I hate wearing it on my stomach. Time to ignore and do the right thing! Get over here  cgm! I attached it to my tummy and taped it up to keep it in place and not going to care if anybody notices it.


It feels good to have my cgm back on, I am not going to lie.

You may wonder why I don’t wear it 24/7 and truth is, I need to take a break from it every now and then. If I don’t I get overwhelmed. I think it is good to have a vacation away from my cgm. If only I could do that with insulin. I rather not go into dka…

Do you name your insulin pump or cgm?

When I went to this amazing diabetic camp, Camp Sweeney, everybody had a name for their pump. Regardless of age!

Rise Above It!

There has been many times that I have heard of ignorant comments referring to my diabetes.

I have had a friends grandmother tell me that I can’t eat ice cream.

I have had a waitress, who found out I was diabetic that night, ask my family if we would like dessert, then turned to me and say, “Oh I am sorry I forgot… you can’t eat dessert!”. This honestly just made me want to buy five desserts and smash them in her face. Don’t worry… I am not that cruel!

This probably won’t ever be the last time I ever have comments made to me and my diabetes. I am sure of it. Instead, I will just try to rise above it.

I know what type 1 diabetes is. I know what is right for my body. I know that I can eat what ever I want as long as I take insulin and check my blood sugar!

That is all that matters!

I also know that before I was diagnosed, I had no idea what diabetes was. I was just as much uneducated as the people who make those comments.

Don’t get to upset about it. Give them a break…

But, it is definitely okay to teach them something about type 1!

Open-mouthed smile

Do you try to take the high route when not the best comments are made?

I usually just smile or will tell them that I have type 1 diabetes, which means I take insulin for all carb related food. This  allows me to eat anything I would like to eat.

Fall Is Here!

I am posting this a bit late. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

My weekend was a busy one at that. We are getting everything we will need to do my sister-in-law’s baby shower this weekend. Time is seriously passing by and I can’t wait for my niece to be here in three months!

My weekend consumed of beautiful weather, soccer, and shopping. We definitely have already hopped on the fall train! We got a bunch of mums and pumpkins to decorate outside.



I am in charge of games so I got major projects to work on. The one I can’t wait for is, “Guess Who the Baby Is”. Everybody sent their baby pictures and we will all try to guess who is who. The corn hole boards are already here too  for the guys.

IMG_0282 IMG_0283

We also got our farmer’s market basket that included basil, red peppers, egg plant, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, apples, pears, and acorn squash! Yum! The cool weather had me craving for some soccer.

My ball. Charlie’s ball.


My sister and I also had our first pumpkin spice latte’s of the season!


Are you ready for fall?                                                                                                      

I am! It is my favorite season!

Mini Goal Set-Back

I am going to be honest. I tried to do my mini goal last week but it didn’t work out. I am not going to beat myself up for not accomplishing it, because I did at least try. I decided to reevaluate my goal. Since I have yet not found a good yoga cd, I will be putting my effort into waking up a half hour earlier first. Here is my new plan:

  • Day one- 5 minutes earlier    
  • Day two- 10 minutes earlier
  • Day three- 15 minutes earlier
  • Day four- 20 minutes earlier
  • Day five- 25 minutes earlier
  • Day six- 30 minutes earlier

Maybe seeing that waking up five minutes earlier each day will show me that it wasn’t hard at all. Once I accomplish this goal, I will add in the yoga cd to my morning routine. Eventually, I will go to a yoga class. I feel like I need to first conquer the basics in yoga before I do that.

My blood sugar has constantly been low this whole weekend. Is there any chance my pancreas could be producing insulin again? Most likely not… but the thought of it sounds soothing. A girl can only dream…