Pearly whites

In the beginning of the year I was going low a LOT! I was having to drink cups of juice after cups of juice. I was even having to wake up in the middle of the night to treat my low with juice and then eat carb+protein. It eventually was time for me to go to the dentist. I knew I was going to end up with cavities since I was drinking juice in the middle of the night. As they x-ray my teeth they found a lot few cavities. They asked me if I drink soda? Nope. They asked me if I’m drinking sweet tea? Nope. Then I said,” but I am drinking juice by the gallons”. BINGO! Found the answer! They didn’t lecture me (thank god!). They gave me a special toothpaste and a special protect paste to keep my teeth clean.




I told them about the midnight low’s that have to be treated with juice and that I am half awake at that time and really do not want to have to brush my teeth. They said to rinse my mouth with water to breakdown the acid from the juice. Now I always keep a bottle of water on my night stand.


Now I have nice clean teeth! (=



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