Happy Delayed birthday to me

Yesterday was my 2-0 birthday! WOOP WOOP! It was filled with fun, yummy food, and insulin. My brother and sister-in-law came early so we got to talk and catch up. (She is pregnant with my niece!) Than my oldest brother came and we were all ready to pile up in the car to go to one of my favorite local restaurants.  I made sure to pack up my PDM so I was able to eat. (I HAVE to be able to eat on my BIRTHDAY) Dinner started with a a lightly fried brie with honey and pecans that was served with crackers. (sorry for not taking pictures of the appetizers) We also shared a plate of hummus that came with warm pita bread. As we ordered I chose the Middle Eastern Paella. It had chicken and shrimp mixed with curry rice and lots of veggies. I was very much satisfied.


We all were to full for dessert so skipped it and said our goodbyes. My dad ended up going to get a movie later and came back with a surprise.


Never to late for some ice-cream! Can you guess what I chose?


Cherry Garcia get in my tummy!

Question: Do you have a favorite ice cream?

Hands down mine is mint moose tracks. I am a big lover of mint with dark chocolate!


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