Run Forest, Run!

Good Evening! Today’s weather is absolutely beautiful! Perfect 70’s with the sun shining! Once I was finished with studying and all that other stuff. I laced up my running shoes and leashed up my wonder pup to go to the park. Time to go get in some good ‘ole exercise. Exercising is so important, not only for diabetics but everyone! Today I saw a lot of people out running or walking. It made me feel happy to see lots of people being healthy. Through the four miles, I would do a 5 minute run then a 1 minute break. It kept me from cramping up. Of course between the loops, I and my pup would take a water break. Hydration keeps the body happy! Lately, I have been going on exercise craves. First I was obsessed with biking and now running has entered into my heart. Can’t get enough of it. My run even encouraged me to want to do this!

(location is blurred for safety reasons)IMG_0034

And here is the beautiful weather!

IMG_0041               IMG_0040

Do you have any fitness goals?

-I think my new fitness goal is going to be doing the 5K! Woohoo!


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