Insulin, Food, and exercise

Back when I was diagnosed I remember being told by my dietician that type 1 diabetes is like a triangle.


Exercise: At least get 30 minutes of exercise. This can include doing a favorite sport or even go on a walk. Benefits from exercise: Lowers blood pressure, keeps the heart healthy, prevents high blood sugar, and makes you feel better about yourself. Note : Prevent low blood sugar by eating a small snack before.

Food: Eat a balance nutritious meal with a mini dessert. Benefits from food: If you eat nutritious, you will be eating lots of vitamins and antioxidants that will keep you feeling good and more healthy. Note: Remember you are what you eat. Having a small cookie with your meal is okay. We disserve to have a little treat. Everyone does!

Insulin: Without taking insulin is extremely dangerous! Once your blood sugar is over 180, you could be damaging your organs. You do NOT want to end up with DKA and being put in the hospital. Please do the smart thing and take insulin the right way! Benefits from taking insulin: Will keep you living longer and keeps you from having complications. Note: Insulin can be your friend. It is not the enemy.

My Exercise: Two mile run with my dog and eating a carb with protein before exercise.


My food: A nice spinach salad with tons of veggies, chickpeas, chicken, feta, and a balsamic dressing. Fruit on the side with also a little pistachio French macaroon.


My insulin: I entered my carbs into my PDM(insulin pump) BAM! Insulin was taken!



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