Mini Goals

In my spare time I love to read about other blogs. Especially to read blogs about mothers who have children with diabetes.  Bloggers that blog about their life as being a parent to a type 1 child, shows me the other side. The other side to how my own mother feels. I know the feeling of being the type 1 diabetic and to know what it feels like to be a type 1, but I have no idea what my mother and father feel. I think my own parents go through as much as I do. Sure they don’t feel all these different emotions that diabetes brings such as, the low and high mood swings or the annoyance of having to check your blood sugars only to do normal things. Hallie, the blogger from, shows me the things my own parents go through. Her support for her own little type 1 is so inspiring and my hope is to know that every type 1 has that support, as she does with her daughter and as my mom does for me. In her post, Destination Me, she wants to become a better person for not just her daughter but for herself. She is setting up mini goals that will later lead her to a big goal. She then asks for others to join her. I am one of the many to do so. As her mini goal is to drink more water, mine will be to wake up a little earlier to practice yoga for 20 minutes. Yoga is a huge stress reliever and with me running more,  it will be good to stretch my muscles more. I know it will only better my mind and body.


You can join too! Set up your own mini goal each week to help better you!


4 thoughts on “Mini Goals

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about trying yoga. I’m just getting back into running and I’m not flexible at all. It would be a good thing for me to explore.
    I love your post about the veggies! Our dog likes lettuce. 🙂

    • I’ve tried yoga before but it was a cd and was a expert one. That’s just say I lasted five minutes trying. I am on a look out for a nice beginner yoga cd. If I find one I will be sure to tell you. Keep up on the running! Thanks so much for reading!

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