I know a few people who don’t eat vegetables. I don’t know how you do that. I love veggies, even from when I was little. I loved when my mom would put that ho,t mushy spinach stuff on my plate. (no sarcasm at all) Maybe I am weird or maybe I’m from Pluto? But, I love vegetables. Steamed, roasted, raw, or even fried I love them all . I love it even more when summer is here and the farmers market is just up the street. We signed up to get our own fresh picked vegetables,fruits, and herbs basket every Saturday and plan our meals around the selected fruits and vegetables. It sometimes is hard but we usually eat most of everything in the basket. (besides the spicy peppers) It also just feels great to be eating fresh produce that wasn’t shipped from across the country or even from Guatemala. It makes me feel good to not be eating produce that was engineered to be huge and super bright. Sure, it is pretty looking but how healthy are these chemicals? It also feels great to be helping out a small local business.

Here is our farmers market basket from the weekend! Isn’t just beautiful looking!

IMG_0145 IMG_0146

Even Charlie likes vegetables!


*Most veggies are free food for a extra BONUS!



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