My Heel Isn’t healed

Yesterday was a bad day. It started good with studying, cleaning my car, work, grocery shopping, and a little run.

It all happened last Friday when I did a nice hard run. I did a 2 mile loop in my neighborhood (that has many hills) and stair jumps. When I got back home and started to stretch, I noticed my heel was hurting. It started hurting more the next day. I took it easy and didn’t run for a few days. It seemed to be getting better as the days went by. I found a couple factors that could have been the issue.

  1. I usually run on grass at a park, so maybe the concrete compact messed up my heel?
  2. I was using a very old pair of shoes to run?
  3. When I was doing stair jumps the compact hurt my heel?

Yesterday, I did switch to my new pair of Nike running shoes and did my first run since Friday. As soon as I started running, I felt the pain in my heel right away. I don’t know if it was from the shoes still or that my heel wasn’t completely healed.  I will use them now on when working out to see if they help any.

I just hate that I will have to take time off from running again. I was really loving running. It made me feel good. Now taking more time off, I feel like it just makes me want to run even more.

I guess it is bye bye running and hello to the elliptical!

I at least enjoyed a good breakfast of greek yogurt, blackberries, strawberries, and plantation mint tea.


Check out this blackberry!




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