new Omnipod Reiew!

My Omnipod review disappeared off my blog magically. I have no idea how it happened. Today I decided to redo my review. I promise you, this is my 100% honest opinion.

I would like to start out with pros and cons.


  • Definitely a lot slimmer and smaller! (Extra bonus!)
  • Adhesive seems a lot thicker.
  • Cannula is translucent blue, makes it easier to see if it is in you.
  • Weighs a lot lighter.
  • Is able to hide better under clothing
  • Sticks onto skin a lot more
  • Feels as if nothing is there.
  • Can now choose screen color and add name to personalize it.
  • Are able to tag any blood sugar at any time
  • Displays how much insulin is on board.


  • The window is smaller to see cannula.
  • PDM is the exact same design.
  • Having to have to confirm it’s you, can be a tad bit annoying.

I would have to say that my first box I used of the new pods, I had a few pods randomly stop insulin delivery. Luckily, it warns you right away! Which is good because then your blood sugar won’t sky rocket. After that box, I have not had any other insulin delivery problems. Thank goodness!

I also was hoping that the PDM had more of a modern look to it.

Other then those few issues, I absolutely love it! Sometimes when I where it on my waist, I will have to pat down to find it. I love the smallness and slimness of it. I can finally wear it on my arm with out it feeling like it is swallowing it. I am so happy with the new pods! I couldn’t ask for anything more. I can’t wait to see what the future holds with the Omnipod! Open-mouthed smile

IMG_0132 IMG_0131


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