Mini Goal Set-Back

I am going to be honest. I tried to do my mini goal last week but it didn’t work out. I am not going to beat myself up for not accomplishing it, because I did at least try. I decided to reevaluate my goal. Since I have yet not found a good yoga cd, I will be putting my effort into waking up a half hour earlier first. Here is my new plan:

  • Day one- 5 minutes earlier    
  • Day two- 10 minutes earlier
  • Day three- 15 minutes earlier
  • Day four- 20 minutes earlier
  • Day five- 25 minutes earlier
  • Day six- 30 minutes earlier

Maybe seeing that waking up five minutes earlier each day will show me that it wasn’t hard at all. Once I accomplish this goal, I will add in the yoga cd to my morning routine. Eventually, I will go to a yoga class. I feel like I need to first conquer the basics in yoga before I do that.

My blood sugar has constantly been low this whole weekend. Is there any chance my pancreas could be producing insulin again? Most likely not… but the thought of it sounds soothing. A girl can only dream…



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