Rise Above It!

There has been many times that I have heard of ignorant comments referring to my diabetes.

I have had a friends grandmother tell me that I can’t eat ice cream.

I have had a waitress, who found out I was diabetic that night, ask my family if we would like dessert, then turned to me and say, “Oh I am sorry I forgot… you can’t eat dessert!”. This honestly just made me want to buy five desserts and smash them in her face. Don’t worry… I am not that cruel!

This probably won’t ever be the last time I ever have comments made to me and my diabetes. I am sure of it. Instead, I will just try to rise above it.

I know what type 1 diabetes is. I know what is right for my body. I know that I can eat what ever I want as long as I take insulin and check my blood sugar!

That is all that matters!

I also know that before I was diagnosed, I had no idea what diabetes was. I was just as much uneducated as the people who make those comments.

Don’t get to upset about it. Give them a break…

But, it is definitely okay to teach them something about type 1!

Open-mouthed smile

Do you try to take the high route when not the best comments are made?

I usually just smile or will tell them that I have type 1 diabetes, which means I take insulin for all carb related food. This  allows me to eat anything I would like to eat.


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