The Scary Afternoon

Something scary happened yesterday.

Around lunch I was 61, so I didn’t take any insulin for my lunch. It was a 40 carb meal. By the afternoon when I checked , I was 163. I always hate when my blood sugar is over 150 and I hate taking extra insulin to cover a high blood sugar, What do I do then? I did my afternoon exercise to lower my sugar instead of taking extra insulin! After I was nice and sweaty, I came inside to get some water. As I walk over to the kitchen I soon feel light headed like I could’ve passed out. My vision was even going weird. I quickly grabbed a juice box, my pdm, test strips, and finger pricker. I opened the juice box faster then my dog running after a ball (which is amazingly fast) and chugged it down! I checked my sugar and dananana…. I was 44! Yikes!


This is when I know it is time to say hello to my old friend. Meet Mr. Cgm.

I love my cgm and hate it at the same time. I love how it helps me keep my sugars in check , but I hate wearing it on my stomach. Time to ignore and do the right thing! Get over here  cgm! I attached it to my tummy and taped it up to keep it in place and not going to care if anybody notices it.


It feels good to have my cgm back on, I am not going to lie.

You may wonder why I don’t wear it 24/7 and truth is, I need to take a break from it every now and then. If I don’t I get overwhelmed. I think it is good to have a vacation away from my cgm. If only I could do that with insulin. I rather not go into dka…

Do you name your insulin pump or cgm?

When I went to this amazing diabetic camp, Camp Sweeney, everybody had a name for their pump. Regardless of age!


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