It’s A Gusher!

Yesterday, around five, I heard that familiar 4 beeps from my pdm. As I heard the beeps, I couldn’t believe it had been three days already with the pod I had on. Time flies! I stopped everything I was doing, I went to the kitchen and deactivated the pod. As I ripped it off, I felt something wet. I wiped it off of my lower left back, I saw blood gushing out and dripping all over me. I ran to get a paper towel and wiped it all off of me. This wasn’t a normal thing, yet I have had this happen a couple of times before. I guess you could say, it happens once every blue moon type of thing. It is insane how the tiny cannula, hitting a blood vessel, makes you bleed that much! I guess this goes under my #diabeteslife list.

IMG_8540 IMG_6581 IMG_5399

Looks painful. Feels non-painful. Diabetes= I am not scared of blood one bit!

New pod on. Life goes on.


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