I Love

I love my family!

I love parties!

I loved this past weekend!

Thursday my grandparents came to spend a long weekend with us and for my sister-in-laws baby shower. They helped out getting ready and the shower was amazing! We played games, ate great food, and talked our mouths off. Now that it is over, I am excited for my niece to be here in just three months!

Friday was filled with baking cupcakes and making pasta salads. The mother to be had one demand on having strawberry cupcakes with coconut icing. We made them and she loved them! SCORE! We also had spice cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese icing, pesto and pea pasta salad, pepperoni salad,sliced wraps, spinach dip, veggies with hummus, and the most amazing oatmeal cookies! We made everything besides the wraps and oatmeal cookies. It all turned out phenomenal. With all the food, my blood sugar remained surprisingly perfecto!

mommy and baby cupcakesmost amazing foodcorn holetalking

opening presentspuppy love

family photo studying hard


The rest of the weekend was spent with a gorgeous charity house showing event and some antique shopping!

IMG_0401IMG_0447IMG_0460  photo

It was a lovely weekend! Lots of dosing! Lots of sugar checking!Lots of fun!

I also saw this the other day from a friend. 25 most awkward times for a diabetic. Check it out!


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