Week 3 Of Mini Goals

As I went to Hallie’s blog to check out her destination me, week 3 post. I was remembered to start my third mini goal as well! You can check out her goal this week by clicking the Hallie link. Last week, I had a set back with my goal. I was chewing more then I could handle. I then decided to drop the yoga and work on getting myself up early. I accomplished it! Actually, I have even accomplished more! I have been getting up a whole hour earlier. It makes me feel more productive, which I love! Now I had a mission to find a beginners yoga dvd. I decided to go to Target, in search of one. I found one! Now my goal is to wake up and go straight to my yoga mat and PRACTICE! Of course, I really will first check my blood sugar right when I get up…Winking smile 

Now will I like yoga? I have no idea! But, that is what trying new things are for. To see what you like and what you don’t like!

Sure, these mini goals don’t really have anything to do with diabetes. That is okay! I have diabetes. It does not have me!


Happy Hump Day!



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