Keep Calm and Carry A Meter!

Yesterday it was one of those typical diabetes days. My sugar was 77, 195 ,120, 40, 163, and251 through out the whole day.What in the world was going on! How does a weekend of eating cup cakes and other junk, keep me with perfect blood sugars. Then yesterdays no junk food ,what so ever, keeps my blood sugars up down, up down! Why body, WHY? The only answer I can come up with is that diabetes is unpredictable! Yes, diabetes, I am talking zbout you!

With the frustration that yesterday brought me…  The lesson I learned from some crazy blood sugars is to be patient and to know that one day of bipolar blood sugars isn’t the worst thing to happen. It is okay to have a 200 blood sugar. As long as you know your taking  insulin and treat it right, that is all that matters. Don’t beat up yourself! Not everyone is perfect and that includes in blood sugars. Your going to have some highs and lows. That is the diabetes life!

There is always tomorrow and if it remains crazy…call your doctor! They might be able to help.



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