Gotta Read About Diabetes

Having a disease that is chronic can be hard. Luckily, we have the internet and books that we can use for help. I definitely think that reading about your disease is extremely important. It helps you get in depth of what your disease is and ways to make it easier. Once I was diagnosed, my mother would order books from Amazon about diabetes. Now that I am older and I am the one to take care of my disease, I have read them also!

Here are some of the books I have read about diabetes.


Getting a Grip on Diabetes was a perfect book to read for when diagnosed. The tips definitely helped me and were all about activities of being a kid and teenager with diabetes. They talk about school, sports, sleep overs, lows, highs, shots, and pumps! I promise you it is a fun book to read and it does help when you are feeling alone! This was also the very first book I read about diabetes! Pre-teens could even read this book to help understand diabetes.


My mother got me, Islands and Insulin over a year ago. She has even read it! Now, I am reading it at this very moment. I am just in the very  middle of it, but so far it is very catchy! I find it motivating and helpful. She is taking on a new adventure on a trip of sailing the keys, all by herself! Well of course, diabetes is there right with her too. I can’t wait to finish and see what happens on her sailing trip and how she handles diabetes on her own.


Think Like a Pancreas! I can’t find this book, but we have it! My mother and I have both read this book. This is more for a teenager or older diabetics to read. I found this book very, very helpful! He addresses every situation of being on shots or a pump! <—Which I loved how he did that! I seriously recommend every diabetic or parent of a diabetic to read this. I also know lots of other diabetics who have read this and say how helpful it is!

There is also a million other diabetes books out there. These three book have been the ones that I have read and liked. If you have any other suggestions of books I or others should check out, please leave a comment or email me! (

Happy Reading!


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