My weekend was a very interesting weekend.

Saturday morning was started by getting a very, very yummy chocolate croissant, a green tea, and a dose of insulin! Yummmmm!


Then off to the book store we went!

And of course I couldn’t forget out farmers market basket!


Sweet potatoes, tomatoes, big head of cabbage, butternut squash, apples, bell peppers,and these little greenish pumpkins that we have no idea what they are….

We also got some ice tea at the  farmers market that it is probably the best tea in the world. It is flavored mango coconut. Although, it is sweetened, I just would take insulin for it. What I love the most about is that the sweetness isn’t over powering. It is very light and tasty! We got two 32 ounces.


We also helped out a little mouse that his back legs were not working. He died yesterday which we are sure from internal bleeding. We named him Goober. He was a cutie!


The rest of my weekend was enjoyable and very relaxing. Now on to another busy week!

week 4 goal: To keep up with yoga!

Doing yoga everyday is a bit hard, so I decided to start doing it more on days I have off from running. I am still waking up a lot earlier then I used too! It has helped me get more done in a day!

Keep checking your sugar and taking that insulin!


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