Funny Diabetic Situations

I can’t believe it is already Thursday! This week has flown by! The past two days I have been super busy!!

Before, I have talked about having negative comments due to having diabetes. It is a pain when somebody tries to tell you what your disease is without even knowing what it actually is! All though, not all comments or situations are negative. There is also positive, funny situations.

Lets remember the positive and forget the negative!

I have had lots of situations that were just plain hysterical! Here are my favorites!

One time I was at the pool, laying out to get some much needed sun. I was wearing my insulin pod on my thigh. All of a sudden I felt this weird sensation. I literally thought it was a bug moving around on my leg. I opened my eyes to see what it was. It turned out to be this very adorable two year old. She was checking my pod out  by wiggling it! It made me laugh out loud! I thought it was crazy how a little two year old recognized that having a insulin pump on me was different. Two year olds are interesting little boogers!


My next situation is very similar to others I’ve had, but on a different level. This happened recently at my sister–in-laws baby shower. My brothers friend saw my pdm, holding and studying it. I told him that it was for my insulin pump. He responded saying, “Ohhh! I was thinking it was a phone and that this white thing was the antenna.” (white thing as in test strip) It was hysterical! I’ve been asked if it was my phone before by lots of people, but no one ever thought the test strip was a phone antenna!

I really need to get in the habit of throwing my test strip away after I check my blood sugar…

I love hearing about funny diabetic situations. Don’t be shy and share!!


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