Protect the Insulin

Have you been a victim to the butter fingers?

Not the candy… The butter fingers in that, everything slips from your fingers.

It’s okay… I’ve been there.

I have dropped insulin vials on hard ground couple of times. Luckily, It has never broke into pieces. Although, the fear of breaking it overcomes my mind. What would you do? Is my health insurance going to cover? Can I get another vial?

Trust me, I know how annoying health insurance can be. This is why I got this cool little gadget. All you do is put it over your insulin vial and  pop it in. It keeps the vial safe from breaking. It is also very convenient when you are traveling and your diabetic bag gets smashed or rolls over.


I love it! I do think it is important to use, because you never know what could happen. Another bonus is that it is cheap! Would you rather pay expensive pocket money for a vial of insulin or get a 5 dollar protective case?

I choose five dollars!!!

Amazon has some great ones!


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