Get Your Booty Off the Chair

October why are you so busy!? I guess it is a good thing. I kind of like being busy.

With me being busy and studying, my daily activity gets harder to do.

Exercise is so important to me. Not only because it is good for my health, but because it makes me feel good. I just love releasing endorphins!

Stress, meet Running. Running, meet Stress. Now Running destroy Stress!

I came up with a few tips to help myself and maybe even others.

  1. Instead of watching your favorite show during your study break, go for a run or walk.
  2. Plan out your school, studying, or work schedule  the night before. By doing so, add a little time for some exercise . No matter if it is just for 10 minutes.  It is better to get a little then none.
  3. Set out your exercise clothes by the door, so when you get home you are reminded to exercise.
  4. Once you get home, all you want to do is watch your DVR or check your Facebook. How about watching it while you are on the elliptical or treadmill.

I also need to remember that working out everyday isn’t that important. At least getting 3-5 days is the best exercise goal to have.

Must remember to check blood sugar before and after exercise. I need to set up my temp basal before exercise as well!


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