Facts, Facts, and Facts!

I feel as if everyone looks at nutrition labels different. They might mostly care about the fat content or the sodium content. Others might not even give a hoot about the nutrition facts of their food.


For me, I care most about the fiber content. The more fiber that is in my food the less insulin I have to take. I don’t care much about the fat in less it has saturated or trans fat. The cholesterol is also important for me. Since the risk of heart disease in diabetics is on the higher end, I make sure the cholesterol is either the good kind or there is none. I always read the ingredients to make sure that it doesn’t contain anything too bad.

The things I don’t care about are the calories and carbs. I am not trying to lose weight (that is the the last thing I need) and that most of the things I eat are filled with healthy calories.       

     Caring to much about carbs isn’t the way to go. I need carbs for energy. I learned that myself from my own experience. I just make sure that the carbs I eat come from natural food or are whole grains.                                                                                                                                                                           

  • Kind Granola                                    Almond Butter         Light Agave Syrup       Kind Bar


I also keep to a low glycemic diet and I do feel that it keeps my blood sugars in the right levels and keeps me from taking lots of insulin. Which makes me feel better and happy!


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