Type 1 & dRIVING

I think when it comes to diabetes and driving, I have pretty much have experienced it all.  I hate to say it because I hate doing it, but it is important to check your blood sugar before you drive. It is a very annoying thing to have to do. I know that I just want to get in my car and drive off! Although, the thought of putting someone else’s life at risk or even my own makes me want to make sure that I am not low before turning my car on. If you have a cgm, it does make it easier to not have to check your sugar if your monitor says your above 80. Gotta love cgms and hate them at the same time!

Do the right thing and check your sugar before driving.

Now what if you get stuck in traffic and you become low? The thought sounds terrifying! What I have been told and do is to keep glucose tablets or any other fast acting sugar in a reachable access at all times! Juice is not a good item to keep for when you are low in your car. It can go bad from the heat. You don’t want want to suck down some fermented juice…YUCK!

I also was told to keep a carb+protein snack in your car to hold over your treated low. Packaged crackers and peanut butter are a good choice considering they last a very long time and they will not go bad in the heat. My favorite choice is to keep granola bars because they are a bit healthier. Also, make sure to keep your protein+carb food in a easily reachable place!

Something I need to do as well is to keep a extra pod and insulin in my glove department. You never know if you’ll have a pump malfunction. Being out and not getting any insulin is dangerous! If you don’t have a pump make sure you have both your short acting and long acting insulin.

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