My Name is Haley

and I am addicted to vitamins….Just kidding! But, I do love taking vitamins!

Do you take Vitamins?

I know that we should eat food to be getting the recommended vitamins and minerals, in which I do try. But, sometimes it is hard to do that.  That is why I make sure to take vitamins everyday.

I am lucky that every three months I get to see if I am over doing or deficient in any vitamins at my endo. Every appointment I have, my vitamins levels are perfect.

What vitamins do I take?

One A Day                        Biotin                                       Viactiv


One A Day is a multivitamin that gives me a little dose of all vitamins that anybody would need. My endo also recommends me to take a multivitamin.

I take Biotin because it keeps nails, hair, and skin healthy, which I do find it really does! It also helps the metabolism to convert carbs into energy.

I take Viactiv because I am not the biggest dairy fan. Osteoporosis runs in my family as well. I am already 5’ 1” I do NOT want to appear any shorter!  My favorite is the “caramel” flavor.


This post reminds me of a time when I was looking at multivitamins to take. I saw a One A Day petite multivitamin and right away grabbed it to purchase. I was so happy that they made a multivitamin for petite people. Once I got home and showed my mom the new possession I found, I soon realized it was just petite size pills. My dream of maybe growing a couple of centimeters was soon crushed. A short girl can only dream….

*What vitamins my doctor approves may be different then what yours would. Please speak to your own doctor about the specific vitamins your body needs.


Take a look at the beautiful flowers my mother received from my grandma for her Birthday!


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