The Smell of Autumn

I see yellow, orange, and brown leaves everywhere. I love to step on them to make them crunch! As the wind breezes across my face, I can even smell the autumn weather that is here to stay!

Are you loving this Autumn weather?

I am!!!!! It makes me so happy!

My weekend was beautiful besides the rainy day on Saturday. Which, I didn’t mind because I had to study anyways. Why does cruddy weather make studying so much easier?


Pumpkin tea latte (yes pumpkin tea!)

I had a fun little “date” with my sister. We went on a 2 mile walk around one of our favorite spots! We even saw 6 deer all together! I have never seen so many!

IMG_0661 IMG_0665


We spent the night watching a old yet good movie. We dined on some Naan bread that was smeared with hummus and goat cheese. Yum! We even had carrots to dip into the hummus too! For dessert we had some insane cranberry white chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  I also cannot for get that I had insulin! I ended up going low after I ate. Which I hate because then I just have to eat more! Hello body! I am stuffed with enough food!!!!!!


I can’t forget I even managed to fit a 2 mile run in between study breaks! It felt good to run in this kind of weather!        


Hope your weekend was splendid!

Open-mouthed smile


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