Give Me A Break!

Today was the day I needed to change my insulin pod. Once I put on the new one and a hour past, I checked my sugar to see I was 190! Woahhh Baby! (Full House anyone?)


I decided to go for a run to help bring my sugar down. It didn’t do much since I was 175. I let my body’s exercise catch up to me. It didn’t do much at all. I even went on a bike ride to find my dog since he got out. Since that also didn’t bring my sugar down, I decided to replace my pod.

As I was filling my second pod I noticed it started leaking insulin right away!


Deactivated that pod and started over…

Thank goodness this one seems fine. I ended up taking a little insulin to cover my high and I am waiting it out at this very moment. Please let the third one be the charm!

Damage done




As you can see I am very frustrated with diabetes today! I am trying to not beat myself over it because that turns into unnecessary stress.

If this happens to you remember life is never perfect and that is definitely goes to diabetes too!

This happens to everyone, so do not feel alone. Just remember the only way to make it better is to check your sugar and use your insulin! If you do that, I promise it will get better!

I am hoping for some AH-MAZING blood sugars tomorrow!

Check back tomorrow to see my weekend recap!


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