Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!

My neighborhood community has rescheduled Halloween trick or treating for tomorrow due to this nasty rain we are having. I hope everybody’s Halloween is better then ours!

I am to old to trick or treat, so I will still be celebrating it today by watching horror films tonight!

One assumption people make when they hear the word diabetes, is that they automatically think we can’t eat candy. THAT IS NOT TRUE! Type 1’s are allowed!

We just have to take insulin and check our sugar!

Today I have decided to share what I am doing with my Halloween candy this year. I have made a treat jar that has a huge sign on it that will constantly remind me that I am allowed to have one piece of candy after every meal.IMG_0794

Now I will be the last person to say to not eat as much candy you want on Halloween. I was a kid before, that is what Halloween is for! Just don’t go overboard or ruin your Halloween by not eating at least five pieces. It is important to know that we are just as normal as the other kids out there. We just need to check sugar many times or keep up with our CGM’s to make sure we aren’t low or high. You want to seriously make sure you take the right amount of insulin as well!

After Halloween, I would pour the rest of your candy into a jar as I did in the picture above with the same rule. Plus, this will help you make your candy last longer and your siblings will NOT dare to steal your candy. If they do your parents will know and they will get in trouble. Hear that Jordan!!!

( I honestly don’t take insulin right when I eat candy because it is all chocolate goodness. If I take insulin right when I eat chocolate, I end up going low right away. I just use my extend bolus and check my sugar about every 30 minutes till bed.)

Now to get the exact carb count of your candy, it is good idea to keep nutrition labels of your candy or simply go on the internet to find out. I know that most Halloween candy is fun size and does not contain a nutrition label on the wrapper, so going online is your best choice. Since I am not trick or treating and will be eating candy out of our hand out bowl (Shhhh!) I kept the bags that the candy was in for the carb amount.


I have also planned ahead to work out in the morning of the holiday. This helps my blood sugars to stay in the right levels!



Is it bad that I secretly took out all of the almond snickers out of the bowl of candy for myself? I just couldn’t resist. They are my FAVORITE!


Now go have some Halloween fun! Remember to check, check,and check your sugar and take insulin the right way!!!!!


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