Time for Research

Holy moly! I can’t believe it is almost Thanksgiving!! I am so excited to eat some yummy home cooked food and spend time with my lovely family!

Since Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, I decided to do a Thankful Tuesday! Every Tuesday I will say something I am thankful for.

For my first Tuesday, I am thankful for my blog because it keeps me in constant motivation mode. I only hope to inspire myself and other diabetics in this not so big world!

My weekend was a very laidback weekend and we got our last farmers market basket for the year. ) = We loved doing it so much that we are going to sign up again next year and also get the meat and eggs! Super fresh! Super good! ( We got a basket of fruit, vegetables, and herbs every Saturday from June to November. These are just four baskets out of the many we got.)


This weekend I am going to be visiting my childhood best friend! We have been friends for 17 years ( Oh my goodness that makes me feel old!) Being four hours away and in college, we don’t have a lot of time catching up, so I’ll be driving to her place to spend the weekend with her and her roommates. This will be my longest road trip by myself and I am feeling confident that I will be fine during the drive there. Of course, diabetes has shotgun next to me the whole trip. I have planned to research lots of tips for diabetics who are taking a road trip by themselves. If you have any tips please share as well! I really can’t wait for this weekend!

When I gather some tips I will post about them. I already know one tip and that is to wear my CGM, so I can be warned if my sugar is going low or high. CGM’s are so helpful!!!

Also, remember that it is diabetic awareness month! Spread the word!!


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