RoadTrip Tips for the D-life!

After a four hour drive, I arrived safe and sound at my friends apartment. Experiencing a drive by myself and reading up tips from other, I have listed some tips that helped me the most!


  • Keep fast acting glucose and protein+carbs in a easy, reachable place!
  • Put on your cgm or make sure to check your sugar at every pit stop.
  • Keep radio volume lower more than you normally do. ( Helps keep your focus and helps you concentrate on low or high feelings.)
  • Stay hydrated and make sure you eat something decent during your trip. Even being on a pump, not eating regularly can give you lows.
  • Be safe! Make sure to text parents and friends knowing that you are okay.

During my drive I was really glad that I kept plenty of snacks on hand because I did run into traffic twice. Being prepared is always good! You never know when you will need the things you need. Plus, I always feel that it is always when you are not prepared is when the most you need it.

The biggest thing that helped me was to pay attention to what my body was feeling. I  did feel low once and ate a mini pack of candy corn to hold me over. I then stayed attentive to make sure I didn’t feel like I was going high. Listening did really help! Once I got to my destination my sugar was at the right level it needed to be!

The other very important thing to do is pack your diabetes bag and make sure you got everything you need!! …And I mean EVERYTHING! Pumps, insulin,insulin, insulin, finger pricker, test strips, glucose tablets, chargers, batteries, mini icing tube, tape, and anything else you can think!




Diabetics can do anything anyone can do! Never underestimate yourself! The only thing you need to remember is to plan and say to yourself, “I can do this!”.

I can’t wait to spend the weekend here and to make more memories with my friend!

Have a lovely LONG weekend and remember to keep up with the good work with you diabetes!!


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