Small Town Girl

Just a small town girl livin’ in a lonely world. She took the midnight train going anywherrreeee.


Gotta love some Journey!

Monday night I got home safe and sound! I had to sit in traffic for a hour, so I got home later then I was hoping.

I had so much fun over the weekend! It was really wonderful to catch up with a old friend. Our weekend consisted of eating, cooking, movies, reminiscing the old times, and more fun! We even went to stay the night at her parents house, which I used to live just down the street from them. I loved that small town, and seeing it again was absolutely wonderful! I am such a small town girl. It was just unbelievable that we are old enough to visit each other without having our parents tagging along. Growing up is a bitter-sweet thing!

On Friday, we had her friends over and ate a homemade vegetarian vegetable stew with corn dumplings. Which was ah-mazing! We then saw Thor 2 later in the night. Oh my goodness it was good! I found myself laughing constantly and always on my toes waiting for the next event to happen! We stayed up late talking and laughing.

On Saturday, we woke up kind of late but still fitted a little jog to the post office. That night she gave me a tour of her schools campus and showed me the music building, where she showed me her skills playing the harp. Such a beautiful instrument! We got dressed up cute to go out and took many pictures. We stopped at a pizza restaurant and got a vegetable deep crust pizza. (No cheese!) It was so delicious!


Sunday we made smoothies and ate a lot of hummus while watching episodes on Netflix of Vampire Diaries. I have never seen it (I know, shocking!)  I love funny-witty sitcoms. But… I have to say, Vampire Diaries was not bad! We found ourselves watching episode after episode, making the time fly by. We drove over to the town I used to live in to stay the night at her parents. Her sister, who is vegan, made this amazing gluten free, vegan pumpkin lasagna. It was insanely good! I even had two servings! Her mom also made homemade ginger cookies that were so divine! I am sure I ate 10! Woopsies! On my defense, they were tiny. (= Don’t you worry! Insulin was my best friend this weekend!

On Monday, we walked downtown to check out some shops and stopped at a coffee place. I have to say their lattes were SO GOOD! My friend also got some goodies at the coffee shop to give to her sisters boyfriend as a secret Santa gift! We dropped it off at his work and he loved it! He had no idea that it was from her! We then stopped by my old home. Such a beautiful house! I miss that place so much!


Now I am home and still have some laundry to do! Make sure you check out my next post, Fuel Me! If you are diabetic… you know working out can be hard to do. That is why I am doing a post about it next to show you what I do!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Keep the Awareness strong and spread the word!


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