Support is Nice

I have been gone for the past week  due to a death in the family. It was a hard week but I am finally getting back on my feet.

Regrets. I try not to have any, but one I do have is that I wish I had gotten in a diabetes support group earlier. I was diagnosed just a couple weeks before my 13th birthday and thought I was to cool for support groups and camps. Eventually as I got older, I finally realized I needed to be around other diabetics my age. I had no one to talk to that really understands diabetes.

At the age of 17, I finally went to a wonderful diabetic camp that soon led me to amazing type 1 diabetics my age and younger. I befriended a girl, who actually has a very similar diagnoses story as I did. We bonded over being healthy, being active, and other diabetics/non-diabetic things. To this day we still talk and share stories. We even send each other fun care packages on each others birthdays. We often talk about becoming counselors at the camp we met at and hopefully will do.

I say this now because I want other diabetics to know that joining a diabetes community is not weird!It is wonderful! I promise you everyone is so welcoming and you will bond immediately. It really has helped me become more educated and more strong. I no longer feel different and it has really helped me become even more in control!

Now I am off to spend some quality time with my family. I am too excited for Thanksgiving and I am ready to dose up for all the stuffing and pies I will be digesting! I can’t wait! Keep up with the good control!


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