Over Due

Last week I went to my Endo to get my lab work done. Every three months I get blood drawn from my arm for routine test to get my A1c, and  make sure my kidneys and heart are healthy. I was supposed to have this done in November, but with the unexpected trip to see my great grandmother before she passed pushed my appointment back. Now with Thanksgiving and Christmas, getting an appointment is hard to do since everyone wants to take off work. Now my appointment to see my doctor is scheduled for January 2nd which is a little ways to go.

Not to fear!

I whipped out my A1c home test kit and got to work. We keep these in my house just in case I need them and it turns out this is a just in case situation.


I followed the instructions to a T and waited for a long five minutes to see the results.


Woohoo! That is what I am talking about!

I am proud to see that it was in the perfect range. Although, I knew it would be good from all my hard work, it is still great to see and be proud of.

I find keeping these A1C home test can be  very helpful to improvement. If you test every month and see your number lowering, you know, “I can do this!”.  Just work hard and keep up with the good work, and you too can have an awesome A1C!

Hope you have a wonderful, snowy week!


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