You Never Know Who Is Watching

Truth be told, I have been embarrassed to check my sugar in public. I either didn’t want  people to know I was diabetic or for people to whisper things behind my back. I was even afraid that I would get judged. As silly as it sounds now, it was a problem that I had. As I got older I started to care less. Checking my sugar is what is keeping me healthy and that is the number 1 priority. And you know what? I grantee you that nobody even notices or thinks different about it. I will not lie and say I flaunt diabetes, because sometimes I still feel self conscious about it. When I do feel that way I simply do it all in my purse. It hides me pricking my finger and looks as if I am digging through my purse. You can even excuse yourself to do it in the restroom. Another constant reminder to myself for when I need to check my sugar in public is that you never know who is watching. It could be a younger diabetic. Seeing you do it could motivate them and let them think, Hey, If she/he can check their sugar in public, I can too! I know it is a challenge to branch out with your diabetes, but remember… challenges were meant to be faced!

Hope you are having wonderful holiday fun! (=


Ginger bread men and ginger bread tree cookies!


Traditional buckeye balls, cinnamon streusel bread, and spicy sweet almonds (highly addictive)



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