Today is a day that all you’ll want to do is curl up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa, watching a Harry Potter Marathon. Apparently, it is the coldest day in my city since 1990. It is 0 degrees and I am seriously not planning even putting my toe out into the cold. With all be said…

I had my endo appointment Thursday and it went superb. Kidneys-good, heart-good, cholesterol-good, blood pressure-good, and lungs-good! My A1c came out to be 5.5! Which is awesome since my home A1c kit said it was 5.7. Which is very accurate and proves to me that it really is a good thing to keep purchasing.


I am still having low’s but they have been getting better. I am still working on them, and hopefully they won’t be so present. This week I am to fax my blood sugars back to my doctor to see if my ratios are good and to record when I exercise.

My next appointment is in March and I will surly keep up with my good work and keep my A1c in the right range! 

A challenge I will accept!

Hope to all that your weekend was nice!


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