I favor

Having to prick my fingers multiple times a day can really affect my fingers and I have plenty of proof of the thousand pokes. With that being said…I seem to always go to the same two fingers every sugar testing. Luckily, I don’t have any scar tissue yet. The favorite fingers I always go to are my left ring and pinky fingers. I can’t seem to shake the habit away.  I think I go to those two fingers because I don’t eat with my left hand, so less oils will go into my blood. I find the same issues with where I put my insulin pump. I love to wear it on my left and right hip. I favor those two places for my insulin pump because it is the most fattiest place that is on me. It’s also a great place to keep my pump from the public eye.  Am I the only one that subconsciously does this?

I am now back in school and still getting used to getting in that diabetic:student mode. I am making sure at the end of my new classes to speak to my professors about me being diabetic. I think it is very important to do this because if something is to happen, they’ll know that it is from a diabetic episode. The good news is that they totally understand! One of my professors brother was just diagnosed with type 2 and two of my  professors have it themselves!  It sometimes can be amazing how many people have at least an idea of what diabetes is, even if they don’t know the distinct difference between type 1 and type 2.  I guess diabetes will always follow and be a part of me any where I go. Such a bitter-sweet thing.


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