Hello Again

This past year has indeed been crazy with school and two jobs. It has turned me into neglecting this blog that I dearly loved doing. I stopped and I honestly felt a empty spot inside of me. This blog was something that helped me open up about my diabetes and helped me spread the word of type 1 diabetes awareness. For the past few weeks I have been telling myself I need to start up again. It’s a passion that I wish I kept going, but had let other important things get in the way. Today I decided it’s time to get back on track. I am not trying to post multiple times a week but perhaps as much as once a week. Even if there is no one reading, I still want to post just because of the feeling that blogging about diabetes gives me. It gives me hope, encouragement, support, and a way to vent.

During the school year, I let stress get the better of me and honestly wasn’t the best diabetic I could be. Instead of letting that get me down, I am just trying to get better with baby steps. My A1c is still pretty good, so I at least know I am not too horrible.

The steps I have made to help me improve have been:

Setting a goal- Working out is one of the best things you can do to for your body. Especially when you are diabetic. Exercise increases blood circulation, increases endurance, strengthens your heart and lungs, and keeps your blood sugar regulated. ( Just remember to watch out for those lows!) My big goal I set up for myself is to do the Mud Run in September. It a 3.1 mile obstacle run that is a muddy mess and a pretty good challenge. It is something I have been really wanting to do and I really could use a good challenge lately. To work up for this run I am also training for a 5k run that will be in August. I have been incorporating running, yoga, and riding my bike to help me build up my endurance. I will definitely keep posted up about training with my diabetes.

( awesome training app!)


Eating Healthy-The good thing about doing your own grocery shopping is that you are in charge of what you buy. This has helped me buy food with hardly any preservatives and that are low glycemic, which is a huge help towards keeping my diabetes under control a bit better. Of course, when I am out with friends, I will occasionally split a pizza with them or go out for ice cream. At least I know that during the rest of the day and week I have been fueling myself with healthy foods.


Hydration- I used to drink about 60 ounces of water a day. Lately, I have been slacking off. I think it is because I have been finding water to become boring. To spice it up, I had purchased a nice glass BPA free water bottle that is fun to drink out of and bought some fun additives to add into my water such as lemons, mint leaves, and blackberries. All of those purchases definitely has helped me. The only negative is that the more water you drink the more bathroom trips you have to take! But did you know staying hydrated with water actually keeps your blood sugars regulated? Another reason to keep the water coming!


Inspiration-The last couple of weeks I have been researching of nutrition books that would be a good read and help me stay on a good path. Being healthy is always on my mind and is a huge passion for me, but sometimes you need an extra kick! I decided to pick another passion of mine to help, which happens to be reading. I have yet not started reading this book yet but from the reviews I can’t wait to and should be starting it tomorrow!


Things I need to work on:

Check my blood sugar- I used to be a Nazi when it comes to checking my blood sugar, which would have me checking from 10 times a day. I have slacked off recently which is a huge no no. Lately, I have been increasing again which is a huge help. To keep me in that mindset it’s a constant metal reminder, which can be hard to do when you get lost in having fun. I have belief I can get myself back into that mindset and I’m working on it!

CGM-I have a confession to make…. I had lost my CGM sensor. On vacation it came off on the beach and so I placed it in my purse. One day I was running and used the same purse to hold my diabetic supplies and all of a sudden a huge rip happened causing the strap to completely fall off. My mom saw it and just threw away. My sensor so happened to be in there so now it is history. The CGM was a huge help towards keeping me on track and I miss that little booger big time. Luckily, I am in the process of getting a new one shipped to me.

Things upcoming:  I am going to a music festival soon, another family vacation, my very first air flight all by myself  (nervous energy affects blood sugars), school starting once again, and my 21st birthday! All of these things will play a huge role in my diabetes, so to see how things go down is always interesting. Diabetes really never leaves your side! Oh how the love/hate relationship continues…