Diabetes Included

Yessss…. diabetes is included even to music festivals. Just be glad you don’t have to pay extra cash for it!

The sun was blazing, the skin was roasting, and no school freedom had begun. Three common symptoms of music festival fever. A couple of weeks ago, my cities famous music festival had finally approached and boy was I excited! Music festivals are non-stop running and jumping around, which can lead to some dips in the blood sugar as all diabetics know. Since I’m diabetic, I had to do some planning before this more than fun event approached. Sometimes just knowing you have to plan a whole bunch before an event happens can be a hassle. There is times where I wish I could be like the rest of my friends and just GO! But……….I am not like the rest of my friends. I have type 1 diabetes and because of that I just need to accept and prepare. The good thing is when you do prepare, it’s like diabetes is almost not there. You don’t have to worry as much.

To prepare for the festival I used a small back pack for me to carry around for the whole weekend. Beware: this will cause you to become the pack mule for the time…my friends are lucky I like them so much…  Inside my handy dandy back pack I carried:

  • An empty water bottle ( They had hydration stations where you could fill up your bottle for free! I completely took advantage! Remember it’s hot and staying hydrated is super important during times like these!)
  • My PDM, test strips, and a finger pricker! ( of course this is a complete must!!!!)
  • Extra pump, insulin, or pens!
  • Fruit leather strips (With all of the running and jumping, lows are going to happen! Be prepared!)
  • Granola bars ( Got to keep the lows up when they happen!)
  • My wallet


*TIP- Of course at these kind of events there are tons of concession stands and food trucks for if you go low, but the big thing is that when your waiting for performers and are stuck in a huge crowd, it is almost impossible to get out. That is why carrying fast acting glucose and a carb+protein snack is super important!

*TIP- Also remember to inform your friends that there are times that you might need to take a break and sit down to check your blood sugar to get it back up so you can continue. I know how bothering it can be to yourself to have to speak to your friends about these kind of topics, but if they’re your friends, they will understand! Mine did!

Now I am no expert here, and there was some things that I learned to do for next time. These included:

  • Time better for changing your insulin pump. ( The first day I didn’t realize it was time to change my pump. I ended up making my group stay behind for me to change it at last minute. Good thing good friends come in handy because they totally understood and didn’t mind one bit. Even when I felt a little guilty, they made me feel better.)
  • Bring hand sanitizer! ( Boy can food be messy and when your eating without plates and acting like a Neanderthal, it can get all over hands causing blood sugar to be slight inaccurate due to the food getting into your blood.)
  • Ohhhh and checking your blood sugar more….(Guiltyyyyy…. It’s so easy to get lost in the excitement and forget. Luckily, I did to where my blood sugars were pretty good. I also at least checked as soon as we got back and both nights I was 75 so I knew my blood sugars had to be at a good level. Pinkies crossed at least…)  But really… there are no excuses!




Smiling too hard because I got to catch a show with my big brother!


Goobers for wearing matching bandanas



Forecastle “selfies”

I had a ton of fun and couldn’t express all the enjoyment that contained my two days I had at the festival. I sadly couldn’t do the third day due to a family vacation that I had to get to. I had to catch a super early air flight to Florida Sunday morning. But hey…who can complain, I was going to Florida with my family! Nothing is more fun than a vacation!