Small Town Girl

Just a small town girl livin’ in a lonely world. She took the midnight train going anywherrreeee.


Gotta love some Journey!

Monday night I got home safe and sound! I had to sit in traffic for a hour, so I got home later then I was hoping.

I had so much fun over the weekend! It was really wonderful to catch up with a old friend. Our weekend consisted of eating, cooking, movies, reminiscing the old times, and more fun! We even went to stay the night at her parents house, which I used to live just down the street from them. I loved that small town, and seeing it again was absolutely wonderful! I am such a small town girl. It was just unbelievable that we are old enough to visit each other without having our parents tagging along. Growing up is a bitter-sweet thing!

On Friday, we had her friends over and ate a homemade vegetarian vegetable stew with corn dumplings. Which was ah-mazing! We then saw Thor 2 later in the night. Oh my goodness it was good! I found myself laughing constantly and always on my toes waiting for the next event to happen! We stayed up late talking and laughing.

On Saturday, we woke up kind of late but still fitted a little jog to the post office. That night she gave me a tour of her schools campus and showed me the music building, where she showed me her skills playing the harp. Such a beautiful instrument! We got dressed up cute to go out and took many pictures. We stopped at a pizza restaurant and got a vegetable deep crust pizza. (No cheese!) It was so delicious!


Sunday we made smoothies and ate a lot of hummus while watching episodes on Netflix of Vampire Diaries. I have never seen it (I know, shocking!)  I love funny-witty sitcoms. But… I have to say, Vampire Diaries was not bad! We found ourselves watching episode after episode, making the time fly by. We drove over to the town I used to live in to stay the night at her parents. Her sister, who is vegan, made this amazing gluten free, vegan pumpkin lasagna. It was insanely good! I even had two servings! Her mom also made homemade ginger cookies that were so divine! I am sure I ate 10! Woopsies! On my defense, they were tiny. (= Don’t you worry! Insulin was my best friend this weekend!

On Monday, we walked downtown to check out some shops and stopped at a coffee place. I have to say their lattes were SO GOOD! My friend also got some goodies at the coffee shop to give to her sisters boyfriend as a secret Santa gift! We dropped it off at his work and he loved it! He had no idea that it was from her! We then stopped by my old home. Such a beautiful house! I miss that place so much!


Now I am home and still have some laundry to do! Make sure you check out my next post, Fuel Me! If you are diabetic… you know working out can be hard to do. That is why I am doing a post about it next to show you what I do!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Keep the Awareness strong and spread the word!


RoadTrip Tips for the D-life!

After a four hour drive, I arrived safe and sound at my friends apartment. Experiencing a drive by myself and reading up tips from other, I have listed some tips that helped me the most!


  • Keep fast acting glucose and protein+carbs in a easy, reachable place!
  • Put on your cgm or make sure to check your sugar at every pit stop.
  • Keep radio volume lower more than you normally do. ( Helps keep your focus and helps you concentrate on low or high feelings.)
  • Stay hydrated and make sure you eat something decent during your trip. Even being on a pump, not eating regularly can give you lows.
  • Be safe! Make sure to text parents and friends knowing that you are okay.

During my drive I was really glad that I kept plenty of snacks on hand because I did run into traffic twice. Being prepared is always good! You never know when you will need the things you need. Plus, I always feel that it is always when you are not prepared is when the most you need it.

The biggest thing that helped me was to pay attention to what my body was feeling. I  did feel low once and ate a mini pack of candy corn to hold me over. I then stayed attentive to make sure I didn’t feel like I was going high. Listening did really help! Once I got to my destination my sugar was at the right level it needed to be!

The other very important thing to do is pack your diabetes bag and make sure you got everything you need!! …And I mean EVERYTHING! Pumps, insulin,insulin, insulin, finger pricker, test strips, glucose tablets, chargers, batteries, mini icing tube, tape, and anything else you can think!




Diabetics can do anything anyone can do! Never underestimate yourself! The only thing you need to remember is to plan and say to yourself, “I can do this!”.

I can’t wait to spend the weekend here and to make more memories with my friend!

Have a lovely LONG weekend and remember to keep up with the good work with you diabetes!!

Time for Research

Holy moly! I can’t believe it is almost Thanksgiving!! I am so excited to eat some yummy home cooked food and spend time with my lovely family!

Since Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, I decided to do a Thankful Tuesday! Every Tuesday I will say something I am thankful for.

For my first Tuesday, I am thankful for my blog because it keeps me in constant motivation mode. I only hope to inspire myself and other diabetics in this not so big world!

My weekend was a very laidback weekend and we got our last farmers market basket for the year. ) = We loved doing it so much that we are going to sign up again next year and also get the meat and eggs! Super fresh! Super good! ( We got a basket of fruit, vegetables, and herbs every Saturday from June to November. These are just four baskets out of the many we got.)


This weekend I am going to be visiting my childhood best friend! We have been friends for 17 years ( Oh my goodness that makes me feel old!) Being four hours away and in college, we don’t have a lot of time catching up, so I’ll be driving to her place to spend the weekend with her and her roommates. This will be my longest road trip by myself and I am feeling confident that I will be fine during the drive there. Of course, diabetes has shotgun next to me the whole trip. I have planned to research lots of tips for diabetics who are taking a road trip by themselves. If you have any tips please share as well! I really can’t wait for this weekend!

When I gather some tips I will post about them. I already know one tip and that is to wear my CGM, so I can be warned if my sugar is going low or high. CGM’s are so helpful!!!

Also, remember that it is diabetic awareness month! Spread the word!!

spread the word!

Today is November 1st, incase you didn’t know…

Do you know what that means!?


Diabetes awareness month is not as known as other awareness months. This is why it is our job, as diabetics, to spread the awareness ourselves. Lets educate the world!

Now I have to cut this post short because my day is very busy. I just wanted to remind everyone that it is our awareness month!

P.S. I will be changing the colors of my blog to represent diabetes!

Have a wonderful weekend and always remember to have hope!


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!

My neighborhood community has rescheduled Halloween trick or treating for tomorrow due to this nasty rain we are having. I hope everybody’s Halloween is better then ours!

I am to old to trick or treat, so I will still be celebrating it today by watching horror films tonight!

One assumption people make when they hear the word diabetes, is that they automatically think we can’t eat candy. THAT IS NOT TRUE! Type 1’s are allowed!

We just have to take insulin and check our sugar!

Today I have decided to share what I am doing with my Halloween candy this year. I have made a treat jar that has a huge sign on it that will constantly remind me that I am allowed to have one piece of candy after every meal.IMG_0794

Now I will be the last person to say to not eat as much candy you want on Halloween. I was a kid before, that is what Halloween is for! Just don’t go overboard or ruin your Halloween by not eating at least five pieces. It is important to know that we are just as normal as the other kids out there. We just need to check sugar many times or keep up with our CGM’s to make sure we aren’t low or high. You want to seriously make sure you take the right amount of insulin as well!

After Halloween, I would pour the rest of your candy into a jar as I did in the picture above with the same rule. Plus, this will help you make your candy last longer and your siblings will NOT dare to steal your candy. If they do your parents will know and they will get in trouble. Hear that Jordan!!!

( I honestly don’t take insulin right when I eat candy because it is all chocolate goodness. If I take insulin right when I eat chocolate, I end up going low right away. I just use my extend bolus and check my sugar about every 30 minutes till bed.)

Now to get the exact carb count of your candy, it is good idea to keep nutrition labels of your candy or simply go on the internet to find out. I know that most Halloween candy is fun size and does not contain a nutrition label on the wrapper, so going online is your best choice. Since I am not trick or treating and will be eating candy out of our hand out bowl (Shhhh!) I kept the bags that the candy was in for the carb amount.


I have also planned ahead to work out in the morning of the holiday. This helps my blood sugars to stay in the right levels!



Is it bad that I secretly took out all of the almond snickers out of the bowl of candy for myself? I just couldn’t resist. They are my FAVORITE!


Now go have some Halloween fun! Remember to check, check,and check your sugar and take insulin the right way!!!!!

To the Pumpkin Patch We Go!

At last my third pod was a good one! Thank goodness!

I always find at least one pod out of every box  that becomes defective. I still love you, Omni Pod!!

Over the weekend we went to a farm to go on a hayride that takes you to a pumpkin patch. This is one of my favorite things to do every Fall!  Before we headed out to the pumpkin patch, we went to the petting zoo. They had chickens,a pig, turkeys, bunnies, goats, a donkey, ponies, and even a llama!!

You are able to feed the animals as well! I found that to be a little difficult for me because I was so scared that they would bite me. (I’m such a baby)

Once we got to the llama, it walked over and reached its long neck towards us. My sister and I probably jumped three feet in the air, afraid it would spit at us! He was a cute llama, although he didn’t have a very pretty smile…




Next we hopped on the haystack ride that took us out to the pumpkin patch!



We took our time searching for the two perfect pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.


We went to the market to purchase our pumpkins and to get some treats.


Can’t get more Halloween then that guy up there, right?

They happened to be out of their famous cider donuts and caramel apples. We just ended up getting hot cider and hot chocolate. We were pretty bummed about them running out of their famous treats, but still had a good time!

Later in the day we went to dinner for my sister-in-law’s birthday. We didn’t get back till midnight and were completely ready for bed!!!

I can’t forget our farmers market basket!!

photo (1)

Hope your weekend was as amazing as mine!!

Always remember to have hope!

Give Me A Break!

Today was the day I needed to change my insulin pod. Once I put on the new one and a hour past, I checked my sugar to see I was 190! Woahhh Baby! (Full House anyone?)


I decided to go for a run to help bring my sugar down. It didn’t do much since I was 175. I let my body’s exercise catch up to me. It didn’t do much at all. I even went on a bike ride to find my dog since he got out. Since that also didn’t bring my sugar down, I decided to replace my pod.

As I was filling my second pod I noticed it started leaking insulin right away!


Deactivated that pod and started over…

Thank goodness this one seems fine. I ended up taking a little insulin to cover my high and I am waiting it out at this very moment. Please let the third one be the charm!

Damage done




As you can see I am very frustrated with diabetes today! I am trying to not beat myself over it because that turns into unnecessary stress.

If this happens to you remember life is never perfect and that is definitely goes to diabetes too!

This happens to everyone, so do not feel alone. Just remember the only way to make it better is to check your sugar and use your insulin! If you do that, I promise it will get better!

I am hoping for some AH-MAZING blood sugars tomorrow!

Check back tomorrow to see my weekend recap!

The Smell of Autumn

I see yellow, orange, and brown leaves everywhere. I love to step on them to make them crunch! As the wind breezes across my face, I can even smell the autumn weather that is here to stay!

Are you loving this Autumn weather?

I am!!!!! It makes me so happy!

My weekend was beautiful besides the rainy day on Saturday. Which, I didn’t mind because I had to study anyways. Why does cruddy weather make studying so much easier?


Pumpkin tea latte (yes pumpkin tea!)

I had a fun little “date” with my sister. We went on a 2 mile walk around one of our favorite spots! We even saw 6 deer all together! I have never seen so many!

IMG_0661 IMG_0665


We spent the night watching a old yet good movie. We dined on some Naan bread that was smeared with hummus and goat cheese. Yum! We even had carrots to dip into the hummus too! For dessert we had some insane cranberry white chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  I also cannot for get that I had insulin! I ended up going low after I ate. Which I hate because then I just have to eat more! Hello body! I am stuffed with enough food!!!!!!


I can’t forget I even managed to fit a 2 mile run in between study breaks! It felt good to run in this kind of weather!        


Hope your weekend was splendid!

Open-mouthed smile

My Name is Haley

and I am addicted to vitamins….Just kidding! But, I do love taking vitamins!

Do you take Vitamins?

I know that we should eat food to be getting the recommended vitamins and minerals, in which I do try. But, sometimes it is hard to do that.  That is why I make sure to take vitamins everyday.

I am lucky that every three months I get to see if I am over doing or deficient in any vitamins at my endo. Every appointment I have, my vitamins levels are perfect.

What vitamins do I take?

One A Day                        Biotin                                       Viactiv


One A Day is a multivitamin that gives me a little dose of all vitamins that anybody would need. My endo also recommends me to take a multivitamin.

I take Biotin because it keeps nails, hair, and skin healthy, which I do find it really does! It also helps the metabolism to convert carbs into energy.

I take Viactiv because I am not the biggest dairy fan. Osteoporosis runs in my family as well. I am already 5’ 1” I do NOT want to appear any shorter!  My favorite is the “caramel” flavor.


This post reminds me of a time when I was looking at multivitamins to take. I saw a One A Day petite multivitamin and right away grabbed it to purchase. I was so happy that they made a multivitamin for petite people. Once I got home and showed my mom the new possession I found, I soon realized it was just petite size pills. My dream of maybe growing a couple of centimeters was soon crushed. A short girl can only dream….

*What vitamins my doctor approves may be different then what yours would. Please speak to your own doctor about the specific vitamins your body needs.


Take a look at the beautiful flowers my mother received from my grandma for her Birthday!

Type 1 & dRIVING

I think when it comes to diabetes and driving, I have pretty much have experienced it all.  I hate to say it because I hate doing it, but it is important to check your blood sugar before you drive. It is a very annoying thing to have to do. I know that I just want to get in my car and drive off! Although, the thought of putting someone else’s life at risk or even my own makes me want to make sure that I am not low before turning my car on. If you have a cgm, it does make it easier to not have to check your sugar if your monitor says your above 80. Gotta love cgms and hate them at the same time!

Do the right thing and check your sugar before driving.

Now what if you get stuck in traffic and you become low? The thought sounds terrifying! What I have been told and do is to keep glucose tablets or any other fast acting sugar in a reachable access at all times! Juice is not a good item to keep for when you are low in your car. It can go bad from the heat. You don’t want want to suck down some fermented juice…YUCK!

I also was told to keep a carb+protein snack in your car to hold over your treated low. Packaged crackers and peanut butter are a good choice considering they last a very long time and they will not go bad in the heat. My favorite choice is to keep granola bars because they are a bit healthier. Also, make sure to keep your protein+carb food in a easily reachable place!

Something I need to do as well is to keep a extra pod and insulin in my glove department. You never know if you’ll have a pump malfunction. Being out and not getting any insulin is dangerous! If you don’t have a pump make sure you have both your short acting and long acting insulin.

IMG_0642  IMG_0643